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Skate Skiing

Skate skiing is a nordic ski techniche where the skier provides propulsion on a smooth, firm snow surface by pushing alternating skis away from one another at an angle, in a manner similar to ice skating. Designed for skiing on groomed surfaces. Recommended ski lengths are between 170 and 200 centimetres (up to 110% of the skier's height) for adult skiers. The entire bottom of each skate ski is a glide zone—prepared for maximum glide. Traction comes from the skier pushing away from the edge of the previous ski onto the next ski.

$125.00 - $187.49 $249.99 Up to 50% Off
PRO S2 AI5007680 Pro S2 is the Atomic Pro skating boot for cross-country skiers who love getting out on the tracks whenever they can – even if that’s just a few times a season. To make the most of every session you need a boot that balances power, natural movement and comfort. For power, the Pro S2 has an External 3D Heel Counter made from rigid injected material for great power transmission. The Split Cuff with 360° Closing allows your ankle to move naturally while staying supported. While for comfort, the Sport Fit is snug but not tight, and Live Fit inside instantly molds to your foot shape for a super comfy individual fit. This boot also works with all 2-rail bindings including NNN® and Turnamic®. TECH FEATURES External 3D Heel Counter Split Cuff with 360° Closing Live Fit Sport Fit Prolink Sport SK Skating Flex Standard Lacing Lace Cover with Central Zip Compatible with all 2-rail bindings on the market
$126.75 $169.00 25% Off
PRO CS1 A firm favourite, the Atomic Pro CS1 combines the best characteristics of a skate and classic ski. It’s ultra-light thanks to a High Densolite core and ultra-versatile as a result of its flat Pro construction. It features an Easy Edge Sidecut and double-grooved base: additions that make a big difference to your stability and control – making this ski especially easy to handle even on the downhill. Perfect for less technical cross-country skiers looking for an all-round best friend to see you through everything!
$140.00 - $279.95 $279.95 Up to 50% Off
ALPINA ACTION SKATE CODE 53212K SIZE RUN 35 - 50 DESIGNED FOR Men TECHNIQUE Skate STRUCTURE Upper - Synthetics Lining - Textiles DESCRIPTION Those who prefer more breathing room around their foot can find a happy home in the new ACTION SKATE. It comes with the latest feature - the ergonomic Alpina sole, made to fit our model perfectly. Wow, that's comfortable! Don't miss any of the action as you press on the ski. They will still respond with serious impact.
$165.00 - $329.95 $329.95 Up to 50% Off
ALPINA RACE SKATE BOOT 53741K SIZE RUN 35 - 50 DESIGNED FOR Men, Women TECHNIQUE Skate STRUCTURE Upper - Textiles Lining - Textiles DESCRIPTION Recreational runners who prioritize comfort over speed will find a suitable partner in the new RACING SKATE. It offers a more relaxed fit for the foot with plenty of functionality and support from the original hard flex Alpina sole, cuff and shell. So you can get the most out of your skis when speeding down the track.
$200.00 $399.99 50% Off
REDSTER S7 AI5007570 Atomic Redster S7 is one of the most popular Redster skating boots ever – the perfect ally for training and weekend racing. This boot is super stable with a stiff outsole and heel counter made from rigid injected material. At the same time, the split cuff with separate arms and 360° Velcro strap provide more freedom of movement than any other boot we know. The boot comes with a precise race fit and 3D Race Lacing System that perfectly wraps your foot and keeps you dialed in. For warmth and comfort, Atomic Air Control combines two membranes to let moisture escape but stop water and snow getting in. Finally, the Prolink outsole means this boot works with all 2-rail bindings including NNN® and Turnamic®.
$275.00 $549.95 Up to 50% Off
ALPINA COMP SKATE CODE 53711 SIZE RUN 35 - 49 DESIGNED FOR Men, Women TECHNIQUE Skate STRUCTURE Upper - Textiles Lining - Textiles DESCRIPTION Skate like a champion with the new COMPETITION boot. We built it upon a firm and comfortable new Alpina sole that ensures perfect ergonomic fit on foot. It suits it better, grasping more secure where necessary, allowing for better aerodynamics and achieving higher speed. This boot is designed to perform on every turn. We injected Its cuff and shell with hard carbon to ensure maximum torsional and lateral stability while maintaining its featherlight function.
$412.49 $549.99 Up to 50% Off
Atomic Redster S9 is one of the fastest, most powerful and most advanced racing boots in the Atomic skate range. Inspired by the skate boots worn by Atomic world cup pros, Atomic Redster S9 is an out-and-out racer. The genius of this boot is the Custom Fit: heat the liner with a heater and it molds to your foot for a completely personalized fit in minutes. It also comes with an innovative Carbon 3D Chassis with exceptional torsional rigidity. So all your physical strength is directed into your ski for explosive acceleration. The boot features a Prolink outsole, which gives you an exceptional snow feel (and works with all 2-rail bindings including NNN® and Turnamic®). And the Precision Closure System combines ratchet closure, wrapping lace and dissociated Quicklace for a really precise fit and excellent traction.
$749.99 $999.99 25% Off
REDSTER S9 GEN S + PROLINK SHIFT-IN SK ABSS00060 Some skis improve, some change the game – Atomic Redster S9 Gen S is definitely the latter! After several years in development, this new race skate ski brings together a whole package of innovation called Redster Gen S technology to help you race faster: Speedline is a revolution in sidecut design: its wider tip and tail makes the ski arc forwards in each stride rather than fading away, generating longer strides and more stability and efficiency. It also eliminates the need for multiple ski sizes. Instead, one Speedscale 183cm length delivers optimum speed for all skiers no matter how tall. Racewall is a sidewall breakthrough that generates an even closer connection between ski edge and snow for more direct power transmission, while a bonded plate and binding system delivers an even more direct transmission. PROLINK SHIFT-IN SK AH5007170 Meet the new face of moveable bindings: Atomic Prolink Shift-In SK. Up to now if you’ve ever had to adjust your bindings while skiing, you’ll know what a pain it is. Now once you’re on track and you can feel what the snow’s doing, you can shift the binding forwards for more stability or backwards for better glide without even stepping out. In a big improvement to similar bindings, the shift-in button is integrated in the lever – for a remarkable improvement in swing weight and perfectly balanced skis. Prolink are 2-rail bindings compatible with all 2-rail boots including NNN® and Turnamic®. And new this season, the Shift-In plate is bonded to the ski, resulting in the best power transmission and stability possible.
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