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GURU Bike Fitting

The Guru DFU (Dynamic Fit Unit) is the first fitting machine in the world that is completely dynamic, which means it can instantly switch between positions, say your current bike fit and a new one, with the push of a button. This allows the cyclist to continue riding while moving through positions, allowing them to feel the difference, and fitters to see how changes affect the riders position and efficiency, while they are riding. Without the need to dismount, and no wait time, both the rider and the fitter can create a fit that will be comfortable, more powerful, and more efficient for the long haul. GURU MASTER BIKE FIT 1 – Comprehensive Pre-Fit Interview and movement assessment 2 – DFU position analysis 3 – On bike position refinement and foot pedal interface analysis 4 – Fit summary, stamp of approval, and follow-up Perfect for the cyclist focused on no excuses performance, comfort and injury prevention
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