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Cervélo engineers, innovates and builds some of the fastest and lightest road, and triathlon/time trial bikes. Whether you are a pro in the Tour de France, or are taking on your first full distance triathlon, or simply enjoy riding on the weekends, they apply engineering, ambition, and passion to make a bike that is right for you. Take a look at what Cervelo can offer you. 

Cervelo Bikes

Cervelo P5 Frameset
$5,800.00 $8,000.00 28% Off
SIMPLY. BETTER. For the P5 we focused entirely on aero performance-within the boxes defined by the UCI, anyway. We applied years of experience in engineering the fastest aero bikes and real-world testing with our pro athletes. The result is a bike that pushes the boundaries in every way possible. We spent hours in CFD, FEA, and ISO testing and the reviews came back from our athletes: BRB. The P5 has gotten significantly stiffer, but significantly lighter, as well. The frame shapes, handlebar, and fit positions, and design features work together to reduce drag and enhance your efficiency. We wanted a bike that would deliver an aerodynamic advantage over the S5, even in an uphill TT. The P5 is an ideal bike for World Tour racing and UCI-governed TT events, but it's also become a favorite of many of our long-course triathletes. If you don't need the onboard storage of the PX series or have a race with significant elevation gain, the P5 can be the perfect weapon in your race against the clock.
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