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Classic Ski

Classic skiing is often what we think of with regards to Cross Country Skiing. Skis are designed for skiing in groomed tracks. For adult skiers ski are (between 155 cm/50 kg and 185 cm/75 kg), recommended lengths are between 180 and 210 centimetres (approximately 115% of the skier's height). Ski's should be chosen on flex and weight distribution. Traction comes from a "grip zone" underfoot that when bearing the skier's weight engages either a textured gripping surface or a grip wax. Accordingly, these skis are classified as "waxable" or "waxless". Recreational waxless skis generally require little attention and are adapted for casual use. Waxable skis, if prepared correctly, provide better grip and glide.

When the skier's weight is distributed on both skis, the ski's 


 or flex diminishes the pressure of the grip zone on the snow and promotes bearing on the remaining area of the ski—the "glide zone". In-Store we can test for stiffness of camber and help find the best classic ski for you.

$55.00 - $109.95 $109.95 Up to 50% Off
ALPINA T5 CODE 53591K SIZE RUN 35 - 50 DESIGNED FOR Men TECHNIQUE Touring STRUCTURE Upper - Synthetics Lining - Textiles DESCRIPTION Run in style. We wrapped all the old features in a new leaner and better fitting design. This boot behaves like a pro with twice the room and three times the comfort. An anatomic footbed sits on top of the ergonomic NNN T4 sole with a thermally insulated inside lining to keep the cold outside.
$90.00 $179.99 50% Off
Atomic Pro C1 is a fast but friendly boot for classic cross-country skiers, particularly if you want a boot to help build confidence and technique. It comes with a mid-cut which provides a little extra ankle support, an internal heel counter for good support around the back, and a lacing system that wraps the foot for a strong hold. The Sport Fit is snug but not too narrow – and the step-in is super easy. Live Fit foam inside the boot molds to your foot for an incredibly comfy individual fit. Finally, the boot works with all 2-rail bindings including NNN® and Turnamic®. A great choice for all athletic cross-country skiers. Article code AI5007800 Gender Unisex Terrain Sport Weight (g) / Boot (Size) 390 / UK8 XC Compatibility Prolink
$90.00 $179.99 50% Off
PRO C1 W AI5007730 Getting outside, getting fit and enjoying the process – that’s what the Atomic Pro C1 W is about. It’s a precise, warm and comfy all-round boot for classic cross-country skiers who want to build confidence and technique. You get tons of support as you go: a mid-cut gives you extra ankle support and the Internal Heel Counter supports your heel. The fit is precise thanks to a 3D Lacing System which connects with the heel so it wraps the foot perfectly. It’s comfy too! The Sport fit specific for women is nice and snug but without being too narrow. For extra comfort the Pro C1 W also comes with Live Fit foam inside the boot that molds to your foot for an instant individual fit. Finally, the boot works with all 2-rail bindings including NNN® and Turnamic®.
$125.00 $249.99 Up to 50% Off
PRO CS AI5007690 Don’t want to choose? Then don’t! Atomic Pro CS features a combi flex for skating and classic cross-country skiing in the same boot. Often combi boots can feel a bit of a compromise, but this boot delivers a sporty performance in both disciplines – and is really comfortable as well. Precision and snow feel comes from the Prolink outsole and a 3D Lacing System that connects to the heel, so as it tightens it wraps your foot perfectly. Meanwhile the Split Cuff with 360° Closing allows your ankle to move naturally while staying supported. Like all Atomic boots, the Pro CS works with all 2-rail bindings including NNN® and Turnamic®. One boot, no compromise!
$135.00 $269.95 Up to 50% Off
ALPINA RACE CLASSIC 53751K SIZE RUN 35 - 50 DESIGNED FOR Men, Women TECHNIQUE Classic STRUCTURE Upper - Textiles Lining - Textiles DESCRIPTION We fitted this boot with our newest development, the original Alpina sole, and installed it with the 4DRY breathable system. The inside lining is insulated with Thinsulate material that deters water and keeps the foot dry. If you are looking for comfort and performance, this boot is a necessary addition to your gear box.
$187.49 $249.99 Up to 25% Off
PRO C3 AI5007670 If you’re a regular fitness skier looking for a dependable, high-performance boot, they don’t come better than the Atomic Pro C3. This classic boot is built with a low-cut like a running shoe, which delivers epic natural movement and makes each stride feel freer. A 3D Lacing System wraps the foot perfectly for strong heel hold – while Dissociated Lacing with Quicklace means you can tighten the top and bottom of your laces separately for perfect hold. To keep you cool and comfy the top half is made with a water-repellent Aero Membrane. While inside, Live Fit foam instantly molds to your foot. Finally, like all Atomic boots, it comes with a Prolink outsole compatible with all 2-rail bindings including NNN® and Turnamic®.
$200.00 - $399.95 $399.95 Up to 50% Off
APLINA COMP CLASSIC CODE 53721 SIZE RUN 35 - 49 DESIGNED FOR Men, Women TECHNIQUE Classic STRUCTURE Upper - Textiles Lining - Textiles DESCRIPTION A powerhouse of a boot focused entirely on performance in the classic technique. Made in part from revolutionary injected carbon, it's hard and stable while maintaining incredible lightness. The anatomic footbed rests on top of the new Alpina sole providing maximum comfort and a significantly improved fit. In moments of pressure, this boot will hold the foot steady, ready, and dry until it crosses the finish line.
$200.00 $399.99 Up to 50% Off
REDSTER C7 AI5007560 Atomic Redster C7 is one of the best-selling classic boots in the Redster stable: an awesome cross-country racing boot for after-work training and weekend racing. Like all racing boots, its focus is on stability, power transmission, fit and comfort: the qualities you need to stay fast and energy-efficient. The External 3D Heel Counter keeps you stable for confident power transfer. The Prolink outsole gives just the right flex for classic skiing (and works with all 2-rail bindings including NNN® and Turnamic®). Atomic Air Control keeps you cool and dry with two breathable membranes that let moisture escape while stopping water and snow getting in. And the fit combines Live Fit, a precise race fit and a 3D Race Lacing System to keep your feet perfectly wrapped.
$300.00 $599.99 50% Off
Redster C9 Carbon is the classic race boot worn by Atomic athletes on the world cup circuit. WEIGHT Weight (g) / Boot (Size) : 340 / UK8 When every gram counts and speed is king. The Redster C9 Carbon is the absolute top model in the Atomic classic range – worn and loved by athletes as they compete on the world cup circuit. The C9 Carbon is the lightest Atomic classic boot ever made, but still exceptionally strong and ideal for racers at every level: hobby, club or pro. At the heart of the boot is the new Carbon Power Base; a carbon outsole created from a single piece of carbon. Handcrafted in Altenmarkt, this carbon outsole is incredibly light and flexible for a powerful, high-performance kick. The innovative A-Frame Lacing System completely wraps your foot for the perfect foothold. And as you race, the Atomic Air Control system helps you regulate temperature and keep your feet cool and dry – with a breathable water-repellent membrane that combines Ripstop and Surfstretch materials. The ultimate racing machine!
The RCS Classic is a high-performance alternative to the World Cup models. Featuring ultra-secure Speed Lock lacing for stable efficiency and a breathable Triple-F Membrane to keeps moisture out for added comfort. Customer benefit: Sophisticated alternative to World Cup models Speed Lock for fast, secure, even lacing Triple-F breathable upper prevents moisture buildup
$374.50 $749.00 Up to 50% Off
REDSTER C9 CARBON SKINTEC + PROLINK SHIFT-IN CL ABSS00000 The Atomic Redster C9 Carbon Skintec is a born racer and the lightest and fastest ski in the Atomic Skintec range. A thin Race Carbon WC Insert uses carbon as efficiently as possible for max power to weight ratio. It features a BI 6000 premium base, with a 10% special glide additive, and is tuned with World Cup Grinding for optimal gliding no matter the conditions. The Nomex Featherlight Race core and stable 43/44/44 sidecut helps you go fast – but stay upright! While this season the ski also comes with a new bonded plate and binding system for more direct and efficient transmission. Finally, with the Easy Skin Exchange you can change skins in seconds without tools. Pick the perfect skin for the conditions, minutes before a race. PROLINK SHIFT-IN CL AH5007160 Classic cross-country skiing needs rhythm – and with Atomic Prolink Shift-In CL you’ve now got a racing binding you can fine-tune as you go, while hardly having to stop! Once you’re on track and you can feel what the snow’s doing, you can shift the binding forwards for more grip or backwards for better glide, without even needing to step out of your bindings. In a big improvement to other similar bindings, the shift-in button is integrated in the lever – for a remarkable improvement in swing weight and perfectly balanced skis. Prolink are 2-rail bindings compatible with all 2-rail boots including NNN® and Turnamic®. And new this season, the Shift-In plate is bonded to the ski, resulting in the best power transmission and stability possible.
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