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Cross Country Nordic Ski

It may not be in our name but promoting winter activities and cross-country skiing has been in the heart of our store since the 50's. Today Kelowna Cycle carries the latest and most technology advanced ski equipment from Fischer, Atomic, Oneway. Our staff is comprised of individuals that share a passion for the sport of  cross-country skiing and take pride in consistently providing high levels of customer service. …


Since it was founded in 1924 the Austrian company has been known for innovation and the latest technologies. Fischer Sports GmbH is a single source supplier in the fields of Alpine and Nordic skiing equipment. Fischer Sports is the global market leader in Nordic skiing and one of the world's largest ski producers.


Established in 1955, Atomic has always been at the forefront of all things skiing. They’re Nordic program encompasses the Lightest, highest end ski on the market, the world cup series, but also provides performance and value to the fitness orientated crowd. Atomic also makes cutting edge boots, combing technologies such as boa lacing. They’re G2 waxfree ski, provides hassle free, race level performance from a waxfree classic ski.


ALPINA  is the leading producer of cross-country boots, with a 30 percent world market share and provides for several cross-country and biathlon national teams (Slovenia, Norway, Sweden, Italy, and Canada). 


Swix was the first producer of modern ski wax, and had a scientific approach to the challenge. The wax was colour-coded according to type, a practice that has since been adopted by the entire ski wax industry. 

What is your flex?

For any skier, ski fit is the single most important factor when choosing skis. If the ski doesn’t fit properly, it simply can not perform at its potential!

Properly fit skis will help your ski technique and may even help you rid yourself of some bad technique habits.

How to Find Skis That Fit

The best way to find skis that fit properly is to allow time for us to help you in your selection of equipment.

 The standard way of testing ski fit is by doing a camber test. In doing a camber test The skis are placed on the fitting block; next the skier will stand on top of the skis with their toes usually placed near the balance point. As ski technicians we will use or camber feeler gauge and move it under the ski (between the fitting block and the ski base). Depending on what type of skiing the customer will be doing (skate or classic, soft snow or hard packed conditions) we will make a decision on which pair of skis is the perfect fit.

The right boot...

Choosing the right cross country Ski Boot is just like trying to find a comfy slipper for your foot.

For classical touring, look for a comfortably snug fit with enough room for the socks you like. Generally, tourists will use socks the way hikers do, with a thin synthetic, silk or wool liner under a thicker wool or synthetic outer sock. Back-country skiers might want to have room for thicker socks, but some rely on the warmth of double boots to let them fit the boot snugger with a thinner sock.

For high-performance classical, wear the socks you like, generally thinner than for touring. Lace the boot snugly and then flex it. With your foot fully flexed, you should just feel the front of it with your toes. Hard contact means the boot is too small. No contact means you can probably size it down. Light contact means you have enough room for the boot to shorten as it flexes, but you still have as snug a boot as you can manage, for best control on downhills.

For skating, the boot should be the exact size of your foot, wearing the socks you find comfortable. Some people wear only a thin sock, others need the warmth of thick ones.

To test the fit, lace and buckle the boot snugly and stand on one foot. Gentle but definite contact all round your foot means you have the best size. Some people who prize control over comfort will go tighter. You never want to go looser. You will hate a loose skate boot. You want your toes to touch the end of the boot. If the choice is between crushing your toes or having a bit of room, you'll have to take the bit of room and fill it with a thicker sock.

Many skate boots have an adjustable heel strap which can adjust it almost half a size to help dial in the fit for your particular foot.

Waxes, brushes & more

We could probably write or find over 50 pages of information about the correct way to deal with waxing your skis, so we are not going to overwhelm you with detail here. We just want to let you know that we have all of your ski waxing needs covered.