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CHPT3 X FACTOR VISTA – DEVESA EDITION The Devesa forest with its 2,500 trees has become a respiratory organ for Girona, the home to so many of the world’s professional cyclists and to the design studio of CHPT3. Rolling back into the city through great avenues of 100 year old trees, your breathing is calmed by the still air and dappled light formed by the canopies above. Your mind relaxes and is given the chance to wander. For CHPT3, these impressive trees opened the design- obsessed minds with every journey past and, soon drawn to the unique texture of their bark, it was impossible to miss the number ‘3’ imprinted in nature. Using advanced texture generation software, they brought the camouflage-like pattern to life digitally, with layers of visual density used to create a recognisable pattern – a graphical expression of the great lung of Girona and their latest collection: Devesa. Providing the ultimate in all-road design, the new Factor Vista is for those riders who want to discover more; unwilling to let their ride be confined to roads. The CHPT3 Devesa design is the perfect embodiment of exploration and the reason we’ve collaborated once again, creating a special CHPT3 edition of the new standard in all-road bikes: The Factor Vista CHPT3 Devesa edition.
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