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Road Frames

$7,499.00 - $9,927.00
Why do we sell a ROLLING CHASSIS you might ask? Most Factor customers want to hand select their groupset and build their very own dream bike. The ROLLING CHASSIS is all the best bits that we make ourselves, plus a few premium bits from some of our close associates. A rolling chassis includes frame, fork, a headset, Black INC carbon seat post, Black Inc integrated carbon stem/ handle bar, Black Inc carbon disc wheel set. The seat post could have zero offset or 2.5 mm Handle bar/stem could have other dimensions 90/100, 90/420 Wheels could be the All Road thirty or BL45 wheels set. The OSTRO is an ‘everything’ bike, a quiver killer, a master of all trades. Searingly fast, incredibly light and supremely comfortable, it’s ready to win sprints, mountain stages and cobbled Classics. It’s the ultimate all-rounder because it refuses to compromise. If you’re the sort of rider who races with ‘the knife between your teeth’ no matter the parcours, this is the bike you’ve been waiting for. When we say you can have it all, we mean it. Every element of the OSTRO is optimised for aerodynamics. The mid-chord aero profile tube shapes, the wide stance fork featuring our pioneering Reversing Flow Energising Channel, and the aero cockpit with fully integrated cabling. The net result is a superlight bike that is close to the aero performance of the ONE and ready to blitz the fastest road races. The tube profiles are derived from NACA (National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics, the godfathers of aero) shapes, oriented along the waterline (horizontal) in line with airflow and optimised for ride quality and aero-to-weight balance by truncating the aero section aggressively. As well as being lighter, stiffer and more compliant, these truncated aero sections also reduce drag in crosswinds and better accommodate bottles on the bike. In designing the OSTRO, Factor considered every aspect of the frame and applied the optimum aero profile, with particular regard to the transitions between frame sections (eg down tube to seat tube, fork and head tube to down tube) and to performance across a full range of effective wind angles.
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