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Factor - VISTA


FACTOR VISTA is the ultimate all-road machine, designed and engineered to ride longer, faster and discover more without limits. The VISTA is a bike for the most demanding riders, those not confined to paved roads, those experienced riders that pedal to discover without limits.

As with all FACTOR bikes, the VISTA is a highly engineered chassis designed to go fast under power and with excellent handling traits no matter how technical, fast or hilly the route might be. The all-road specific geometry is optimized for tyre sizes from 30 to 35mm wide, with special attention to the fork trail and BB drop, to keep the best handling across all sizes. The balanced combination of Stack and Reach together with the innovative OTIS-AR barstem puts the rider in the best position to ride faster and longer. Combined with our all-road, size specific carbon layup, the VISTA can tackle the roughest roads and bring you fresh home for a final sprint.

The VISTA is designed as a system-integrated chassis comprised by frame, fork, barstem and seatpost.


FACTOR has worked exhaustively on the development and testing of the carbon layup for the VISTA. The size-specific carbon layups have been optimized for shock and off-road roughness absorption, for a more comfortable and controlled riding over long distances.The seatstays, upper portion of the downtube and fork legs have all been specially optimized. By having our own carbon manufacturing in-house, we can quickly and thoroughly make carbon lay-up changes and experimentation until we get the desired results for both stiffness and compliance.

The optimized absorption has been achieved while keeping FACTOR’s characteristic torsional BB stiffness when pedaling out of the saddle. This stiffness comes from our continuous downtube-to-chainstay “power-drive” construction. On the front of the bike, the combination of the torsionally stiff headtube-downtube joint and the OTIS external fork and barstem provide excellent front wheel tracking precision when cornering and descending.


The FACTOR VISTA’s barstem and seatpost have been designed and engineered as an integral part of the frameset, to complement and enhance the desired riding characteristics: stiff and precise where it needs to propel you forward, but shock absorbing and comfortable to keep you riding longer and fresher. The shape of the barstem and seatpost has been optimized through intensive FEA, as well as numerous layup iterations at the FACTOR carbon lab. The prototype components have been put to test for many miles under our test rides to come up with the final carbon layup and materials.


The seatstays of the VISTA have been designed to absorb the irregularities of the road. The thin section and upper curvature of the seatstays, as well as the fine tuned carbon layup, soak the small bumps and cracks to increase tyre traction and control.


The VISTA frame and fork include hidden fender mounts, to keep the wheels turning all year round in all conditions. When not in use, the mounts don’t add any clutter nor weight to the bike, yet they are readily available for a quick and solid fender installation.


The continuous downtube-to-chainstays structure of the VISTA frame provides and unparalleled stiffness and power transfer, with minimum energy loss and maximum drivetrain efficiency. The use of a BBright bottom bracket shell, paired with the asymmetric wide downtube, helps with torsional stiffness and opens up the chainstays for plenty of tyre clearance.


The Devesa forest with its 2,500 trees has become a respiratory organ for Girona, the home to so many of the world’s professional cyclists and to the design studio of CHPT3.

Rolling back into the city through great avenues of 100 year old trees, your breathing is calmed by the still air and dappled light formed by the canopies above. Your mind relaxes and is given the chance to wander. For CHPT3, these impressive trees opened the design- obsessed minds with every journey past and, soon drawn to the unique texture of their bark, it was impossible to miss the number ‘3’ imprinted in nature.

Using advanced texture generation software, they brought the camouflage-like pattern to life digitally, with layers of visual density used to create a recognisable pattern – a graphical expression of the great lung of Girona and their latest collection: Devesa.

Providing the ultimate in all-road design, the new Factor Vista is for those riders who want to discover more; unwilling to let their ride be confined to roads. The CHPT3 Devesa design is the perfect embodiment of exploration and the reason we’ve collaborated once again, creating a special CHPT3 edition of the new standard in all-road bikes: The Factor Vista CHPT3 Devesa edition.