Dear Friends & Valued Customers,

Kelowna Cycle and the Hub will be remaining open to service those who rely on bikes for transportation and their well-being, however we will changing the way we operate the retail sales floor.
LIMITED ACCESS, please space yourself 2 metres from staff and other customers
Recognizing the severity of the situation we will be altering the way we do business for the foreseeable future to minimize physical contact. Going forward we will be limiting the number of customers to one customer per staff member. You will be greeted at the front door and allowed in when a member is available to help you.

Upon your arrival we will ask a few questions as to what brings you to the store today so that we may give the accompanying member information that can bring you to the area of the store that interests you. While you’re in the store we ask that you allow the staff member to handle and present product to you. You’re welcome to handle product that is presented to you and we will put aside and clean if it’s not what you’re looking for.

If there isn’t a greeter at the front door then please use the bell and be patient as we will get to you in the shortest time frame possible.
 For the sake of social distancing from here on out the we ask that maintain a safe distance from sales staff and that you respect floor markers which indicate safe distance zones. While in the store please ask for assistance and our staff will be happy to help you.

We encourage these alternate ways to shop.

Method #1: Shop our website open 24-7, our on-line store showcases almost all of the products on the sales floor as well as products available from the warehouses of the brands we represent and vendors that we order from. We can deliver your on-line order to your house free of charge when you choose store pick up (applicable within the city limits of Kelowna), or we can ship your purchase to you, shipping fees will be calculated upon check out. If you need assistance in any way before you purchase, please call in or email us and we will help you choose the right product.
Method #2: Call in, let us know what you want. We will make the layaway and you can pay via e-transfer or by using STRIPE, in this case we will send you an invoice and can use your credit card to pay at

Method #3: Or call in and set up an appointment time to enter the store, a staff member will take you through the store and give you exceptional service.
We have options for product pickup:

If you don’t want to come into the store you can call ahead and upon arrival, we will put the product in the designated pick up area. This area will be in front of the store and will be clearly marked.

We will be doing free in city delivery on all purchases and repairs. 

Bicycle Service: We are here to help you to continue riding and there are options to get your bike to us. We believe bicycle service is a critical aspect of our business and we are committed to making sure your bike is tuned and ready to roll. If your unable to get to the shop or would prefer not to come into the shop here’s 2 alternate ways to get your bike serviced.

The safe handling of your bike is the priority of the staff and the following procedures will be strictly adhered to:

Upon arrival your bike will be washed and sanitized in our wash bay.
Upon delivery of your repair your bike all touch points (grips, seat, frame, consoles) will be wiped down and handlers will use gloves.
Method #1: Call in and set up an appointment to have your bicycle picked up by us. We will come, get the bike and take it to the shop. From there we will get you a quote and upon your approval we will service your bike!
Method #2: Call and set up an appointment for curbside drop off. Come down, call us upon arrival, and we will come out to get the bike from our clearly marked Pick up/Drop off area.  

Bicycle Service pickup

We can offer delivery of your completed repair upon received payment via e-transfer or by using STRIPE, in this case we will send you an invoice and can use your credit card to pay at

You can pick up your repair from the shop upon receiving payment from the designated pick up area in front of the store.

For now, this is how we will operate to ensure a safe environment for our clients and the staff. If anything changes, we will be in touch via email, social media and our website. 

Store Hours 

Kelowna Cycle 11am to 5pm Tuesday to Saturday, 250-762-2453,

The Hub 11am to 3pm Tuesday to Saturday, 778-484-7433,