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Kelowna Cycle/the Hub Covid 19 Plan Protocals for Retail November 20, 2020

Staff Policy regarding Covid 19  

Anyone with COVID-19-like symptoms such as a sore throat, fever, sneezing, or coughing must self-isolate at home for a minimum of 10 days from onset of symptoms, until their symptoms are completely resolved.
Workers who have travelled internationally. In these cases, they must remain away from the workplace for at least 14 days. Workers who live in the same household as a confirmed or clinical COVID-19 case who is self-isolating.
Workers who have been exposed to anyone confirmed to have COVID-19, or to anyone with possible symptoms of COVID-19, should call HealthLink BC at 8-1-1 for an assessment and to determine any necessary next steps. 

Store layout and Occupancy

Occupancy limit will be 6 customers
Use of tape markers on the floor to designate areas and directions to move throughout the store. Stand here circles where customers may stand, spaced 2 meters apart.
Reduce positioning of bikes on floor that reduce space for social distancing. Finished repair bikes need to be taken to designated storage area at the alley warehouse or in the back shop area is to be occupied by mechanics and sales staff will need to stay away from this area when 3 mechanics are on duty. Sales counter will be limited to 3 sales staff that can distance themselves by 2 meters. Main door will be closed and customers will be let in by a sales staff member, there will be 1 sales staff to customer ratio.

No bike fits until further notice 

Welcoming Customers to the store 
All customers should observe the Covid 19 protocol poster.
All customers are required to wear an appropriate face cover or mask
All customers should be instructed to respect the 2 meter distance
Any customer who clearly displays signs of illness will not be permitted into the store
All customers must use the hand sanitizer before entering the store, even those with gloves on. All customers will be asked to follow their assigned staff member around the storeIf a sales area is occupied by Staff member/Client than the other party will wait 2 meters back until they leave the area.
Stocking shelves and displayed Merchandise
All staff stocking shelfs will perform this task ideally prior to the store opening and will wash their hands prior and after stocking.
Signage will be displayed through the store asking customers to not touch merchandise.
Assisting Customers and Interactions
Staff will keep a 2 meter distance from customers and co-workers at all times. Staff will ask customers to stand on circle safe zones during product presentation and demonstration.
We will maintain and ask customers to use our website and on-line store to shop.
Customers waiting for on the spot repairs, PDI bikes or on-line orders will be asked to wait outside and we will bring the product out to the designated pick up area when ready. Customers will not be allowed to loiter or shop without supervision.
Bike test rides
Approximate saddle heights will be set for the customer to ride the bike, staying 2 meters away while handling a test ride must be maintained.
Find safe areas in the parking lot where you can interact with the customer and view their riding position.
Bikes that have been test ridden must be sanitized this involves wiping grips, shift/brake levers, seat and frame with sanitizer. If your unable to do this then put bike back to the dirty area and it can be done later.
Fitting Rooms and clothing
Customer trying on clothes will be asked to leave not wanted products in the fitting room, the attending staff member will remove items when their done.
The fitting room will be cleaned and sanitized every 1-2 hours through the day.
All clothing that has been tried on will need to go to a quarantine area (dirty area) for 36 hours
Accepting payments and sales counter
Plexiglass dividers will be installed at the front counter and side area on the south side.
Customers will be asked to stand on circles in front of counter.  
Customers will be encouraged to pay via CC or interact.
Alcohol based sanitizers will be available at the counter.
Curbside pick-ups or staff-assisted purchases (e.g., large items, bikes, repairs) should be done with prepayment, a means of identification, and ensuring the customer stays in the vehicle while the worker loads the items.
We will encourage tap payment over pin pad use.  
We will execute hygiene practices that include washing or sanitizing hands after handling cash. We will wipe the CC pad with sanitizer before and after pin use.
Product Delivery
Delivery drivers will sanitize the cab each day, wipe down of steering wheel, door handles and any touch points.
Products delivered will be dropped off at the doorstep and the customer will be called, texted, or emailed a notice of delivery.
Pick up of repair bikes will require personal to wear gloves. Clients will be asked to leave the bike at the doorstep.  
The bike will be washed and sanitized upon delivery.
Delivery van will be equipped with hand sanitizer, wipes and spare gloves. There will be one primary pick up/ delivery driver.
3 mechanics will work in the service area, sales staff should refrain from entering this area. If a sales staff member needs to enter the area, they must ask the mechanic to move aside so they can keep a proper distance.
All tools should be sanitized through the day
All mechanics should assign tools to themselves and monitor them and ensure they’re properly sanitized.  
If borrowing a tool is required, then upon it’s return it needs to be sanitized.
If front staff is required to borrow a tool, then it needs to be passed sanitized and returned to a bin where it can be sanitized before going back into use.
Mechanics should sanitize their tools in the AM and at the end of the day.
Staff Area
The staff lunch table can be occupied by 1 staff member at a time.  
The counter and table-top must be sanitized after use.
Dishes must be cleaned and put in the dishwasher after your done eating.
Lockers should be cleaned once a week.
Area can be occupied by no more than 2 people at a time.